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Brand: St. George Quantity: 30ml
St. George Nardostachys Grandiflora 1X (Q) (30ML)..
Brand: St. George Quantity: 30ml
About St George Capparis Moonii (Rudanti) Mother Tincture QRudanti is a mirculas herb well know in mythologies for its medical use, Also known as Rasayana or RudravantiComposition of Capparis Moonii (Rudanti) MTRudanti ExtractUses of Capparis Moonii (Rudanti) Mother Tincture Q·   &n..
St. George Vesicaria Communis 1X (Q) (30ML)
-14 %
Brand: St. George Quantity: 30ml
Vesicaria communis. N. O. Cruciferae (Tribe, Alyssineae). Tincture of whole fresh plant.Vesicaria Communis Q (MT) is used for all kidney related disease as well as verry effective in kidney failure,  hands and feet swelling,  irritable kidneys and bladder with polyuria..
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Brand: Adel Pekana Quantity: 20ml
Also known asginsen, ginseAdel Ginseng(Mother tincture)Scientific Name: Panax Quinquefolium Causes & Symptoms for Adel Ginseng(Mother tincture)Ginseng has a stimulatory effect on the secretory glands, in patients suffering from dryness in the mouth with difficult swallowing of saliva on acc..
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