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29 Sep Homeopathy cure for Halitosis
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Homeopathy cure for HalitosisBad breath, also known as Halitosis can be embarrassing and can cause anxiety.Certain food items, health conditions, and habits are among the reasons for bad breath. In many instances it is possible to improve bad breath by maintaining regular dental hygiene. If self-care methods do not solve the issue visit your dentist or a physician to ensure that the issue isn't responsible for your bad breath.Symptoms:-Odors of bad breath vary dependent on the cause or the causes. Many people are concerned about their breath, even when they have only a slight or no smell in their mouths and others suffer from bad breath but don't realize that it's there. Because it's diffi..
29 Sep Homeopathy Medicine for Heartburn
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Homeopathy Medicine for HeartburnHeartburn is a burning sensation in the chest, right behind the breastbone. This is usually worse when eating, during the evening, or while lying down or bent over.The occasional heartburn is normal and is not cause for alarm. The majority of people are able to manage heartburn discomfort on their own by making changes in lifestyle and prescription medications.Heartburn that is frequent or disrupts regular activities could be an indication of a serious illness that requires medical attention.Symptoms:-Heartburn symptoms include:-●      A pain that is burning in the chest, which typically occurs following a meal and may be experienced at night.●      The pain ..
28 Sep Homoeopathy to treat hematuria
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Homeopathy to treat Hematuria If blood is leaking from the urine, this condition is known as hematuria. Sometimes blood is found in the urine, but it is not visible and is known as "microscopic" hematuria since it is only visible under the microscope. Types:- ●      Gross hematuria occurs when there is the blood that is frank in the urine It is visible through the naked eyes. This is referred to as gross hematuria. ●      Microscopic hematuria: This type of hematuria can be identified through the appearance of RBC (red blood cells) in urine. However, RBCs can only be seen when urine is examined using a microscope. The color of urine remains the same and patients are unable to detect bloo..
20 Sep Homeopathy Treatment for Headache
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Homeopathy Treatment for Headache The headache can be a frequent condition that can cause discomfort and pain in the head, scalp or neck. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people suffer from the least amount of headache every year. The pain of headaches can be mild However, in many cases they can result in extreme pain, which can make it difficult to focus at work or perform other activities daily. Fortunately, the majority of headaches are able to be controlled with medication and lifestyle modifications. The primary causes of headaches:- Doctors have identified a myriad of reasons for headaches.The primary causes of headaches are those that aren't connected to distinct medical issues. T..
30 Aug Homeopathy Treatment for Bad Breath
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Homeopathy Treatment for Bad Breath Bad Breath can be treated with homeopathic remedies Bad Breath, also known as halitosis or foul Breath, is the catarrhal condition in the nose and throat. Uncleaned teeth or gums, or gum disease.Signs●     Bad odor in the mouth●     Change your taste buds●     Dry mouth●     White coating on the tongue●     Constipation●     Thick saliva. HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE  Merc Sol: Bad Breath with Moist MouthBad Breath is characterized by a dry mouth and more saliva. Merc Sol is the best remedy. This natural medicine is used to treat bad Breath. It causes a persistent moistness in the mouth and an offensive odor. High amounts of saliva are produced by overactive saliv..
30 Aug Homeopathy Treatment for Vitiligo
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Homeopathy Treatment for VitiligoVitiligo, also known as Leucoderma, is a condition that causes pigmentation disorders. In Vitiligo (or Leucoderma), melanocytes in the skin become damaged. White patches develop on different areas of the skin. Similar patches can also be found on the mucous membranes, which are the tissues that line the inside and outside of the nose and mouth and the retina (inner part of the eyeball). Sometimes, the hair that grows in areas with Vitiligo can turn white.Two processes are involved in producing Vitiligo.●     Destruction of melanin (color pigment)●     Inadequate formation of melaninCausesAlthough the cause of Vitiligo remains a mystery, doctors and researcher..
27 Aug Homeopathy Treatment for ULCER in STOMACH
Sourabh 0 33
Homeopathy Treatment for ULCER in STOMACHThe patient complains about indigestion. The patient complains of constant pain and indigestion. Alkalis and liquid food can relieve pain. The condition causes tenderness and pressure. This is most likely an ULCER IN THE STOMACH.Peptic ulcers, either simple or more severe, are quite common. Peptic digestion of the gastric mucosa, which has been injured by trauma local or oral, is what causes ulcers. Ingestion of painkillers and steroids are the most common causes. CausesOne of these causes almost all stomach ulcers:●      An infection with Helicobacter pylori, also known as H. pylori●      Long-term nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such a..
26 Aug Homeopathy Treatment for Dandruff
Deepankar 0 212
Homeopathy Treatment for DandruffThe most common condition affecting the scalp is dandruff. The scalp's dead cells are what cause dandruff. The body is constantly and gradually renewing itself every 24 hours, as you know. It is visible as dandruff when the skin undergoes a faster renewal.Symptoms:Dandruff is not a sign or a disease, but rather a symptom. The most common sign of dandruff is excessive and visible scaling of the skin, which can be seen as a white (or grey) flaky substance. Itching, itching, reddening of the skin, or irritation may all be symptoms. It can be both chronic (long-lasting) and recurring.There are two main types of dandruff: a. Dry (flakes look silvery and white). b...
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