Homeopathy Treatment for ULCER in STOMACH

The patient complains about indigestion. The patient complains of constant pain and indigestion. Alkalis and liquid food can relieve pain. The condition causes tenderness and pressure. This is most likely an ULCER IN THE STOMACH.

Peptic ulcers, either simple or more severe, are quite common. Peptic digestion of the gastric mucosa, which has been injured by trauma local or oral, is what causes ulcers. Ingestion of painkillers and steroids are the most common causes.



One of these causes almost all stomach ulcers:

      An infection with Helicobacter pylori, also known as H. pylori

      Long-term nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin.




The majority of complaints can be resolved by fasting or drinking cold milk. This is a common treatment for such a condition. It can cause sour vomiting, sour urine, canine hunger, and all the other symptoms that are associated with a stomach problem.


A healthy diet should include milk, boiled eggs, little butter, and bananas. Mashed potatoes fluke, a medium bowl of rice, two small pieces of fish, pumpkin, and well-cooked spinach, along with some ghee.


Natrium phosphoricum: can be used in lower potencies (4x and 6x). Canine hunger and all gone sensation. Strong testing foods, eggs, and fried fish are all that dogs desire—aversion to bread.

Ornithogalum umbellate: When causes increased pains as the food passes through the pyloric outlets. There is also a frequent passage of offensive flatus. Hemorrhage is indicated by vomiting of coffee ground matter.

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Psorinum: can be described as a rancid, sour taste and smell that resembles rotten eggs. The patient is hungry all the time. Drinking cold water can relieve phosphate pain in the stomach. The patient eats one bite of food at a time and then throws away the water as soon as it warms in their stomach.

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